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Embossing Machines

  • 300mm roll diameter
  • High speed square and flat bar embossing, intagrating at the end of rolling mill production line
  • Deep embossing for square and flat bars
  • Ideal for rolling mills and high capacity wrought iron manufacturers
  • Made of high quality steel embossing rolls
  • New generation partial roll design
  • Made in Turkey
    Technical Specifications
    Roll Diameter 300 mm
    Main Motor Power 30Kw to 45 kW
    [Depends of speed requirement]
    [Manual feeding]

    Up to 200kW
    [Hi speed rolling mill integration]
    [Up to 8 meters/second ]
    Speed Up to 8 meters/second
    Input Specifications
    Square bar 24x24 Max.
    Flat Bar 50x10 Max.
    Steel Tube 40x60 Max.
    * Input specifications are adjusted with respect to power, speed and customer reqirements. Input ranges given above are for reference only.

    Sample Outputs
      MCEM116 - Wrought Iron Embossing Machine For Square Bar - Flat Bar - Steel Tube  
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