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The Wrought Iron Expert !
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Welcome to Wrought Iron Machines and Molds World

We produce highest quality and long lasting wrought iron machines and molds
That's why our customers all around world enjoy our machines for over 10 years
We are proud to supply full set of machines for a wrought iron manufacturing plant


MCMF130 - Multi-Functional Scrolling Line - Wrought Iron Machines

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Who we are?
   The leader of wrought iron machinery market. Located in Denizli, TURKEY.
   We are ready to take your factory beyond future, whereever you are.
   We deliver innovative products into wrought iron industry, providing long lasting machines and molds.
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ENDRA - Worught Iron Machines

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Embossing Machines Shaping
& Bending Machines
Multi-Functional Machines Molds
MCEM116 - Embossing Machine
MCEM118 - Embossing Machine
MCEM130 - Embossing Machine
MCSB100 - Scrolling Machine
MCSB200 - Twisting,Basket&Ring
MCSB201 - Twisting,Basket
MCSB202 - Basket
MCSB203 - Twisting
MCSB110 - Horizontal Jumba Press
MCSB111 - Vertical Jumba Press
MCSB300 - Collar Cutting & Bending
MCSB301 - Collar Closing
MCSB400 - End Crushing
MCSB410 - End Folding
MCMF110 - Edge Crushing, End Crushing, Cutting

MCSB120 - Round Bar to Flat & Square Conversion

MCSB130 - Full Automatic "C" Scrolling Line
MLEM - Embossing Rolls

MLFR - Forging Molds

MLPR - Hydraulic, Friction Press Molds & Power Hummer Molds
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